Government ChatBots

Chatbots are instrumental for streamlining and optimizing customer service operations in courts, court clerks office and government agencies. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • No waiting
  • Fast issue resolution
  • Enhanced self-service
  • Cost effective
  • Option to transfer to live agent

Government / Court Chatbot

We’re always looking for ways to make the court more responsive. With our chatbot, people can get information about traffic citations. They are also able to get probate court-related information without having to call.  The chatbot is utilized 7×24.

Chase Daughtrey

Judge, Cook County Probate Court

Government / Court Chatbot

Constituents have been asking for an easier, more convenient way to get information from the clerk’s office. With our chatbot, constituents can get access to information in ways that they never have been able to before.

Greg G. Allen

Clerk of Court, Forsyth County Clerk of Superior, State & Juvenile Courts